Q: Can I control the traditional appliance such as TV and air-conditioner using iSurpass gateway?
How to control traditional Infrared home appliance using the gateway

A: Yes, with the iSurpass gateway, you can control various electrical devices such as the TV, DVD player, air-conditioner, and stereo in the living room simultaneously. The iSurpass gateway utilizes infrared signals for controlling these devices.

However, please note that infrared signals cannot pass through walls. Therefore, you will need separate iSurpass gateways if you want to control infrared electric appliances in different rooms. For example, you can use one iSurpass gateway to control the devices in the living room and another iSurpass gateway to control the devices in the bedroom.

On the other hand, if you have Z-Wave devices in different rooms, they can be controlled by a single iSurpass gateway. The iSurpass gateway supports Z-Wave technology, allowing centralized control of compatible devices throughout your home.