Our Team

Innovation is crucial for the success of any business. iSurpass is 

dedicated to maintaining a sustainable business model, with a particular 

focus on research and development(R&D) innovation. We have already 

set up two R&D centers in China and Vancouver, demonstrating our 

commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with an average of 

20 years of experience in the international security industry.

Company Profile

iSurpass focuses on new and advanced technology. We are dedicated to the development and service of the truly “smart home”. On the basis of our years of experience and accumulated knowledge and understanding of smart home requirements and technology, we have launched the iSurpass center to better serve our clients and home owners countrywide. The iSurpass center is also very adaptable to small business premises.

With maximum service and security in mind, the aim of iSurpass is to provide home owners (and small business owners) with peace of mind based on: convenience, simplicity of system controls and ease of use. The iSurpass system functions can be controlled at any time and from anywhere, utilizing internet technology. Alternatively, you can contract with iSurpass to provide 24 hours surveillance service. The end result is energy saving, security, comfort and reduced cost of utilities.

Patents & Certifications