Zinc Alloy Smart Home Locks
Zinc alloy lock has many advantages comparing with traditional lock


Efficient Production

    • The die-casting production process enables rapid formation and therefore fast production.

High Quality

    • Compared to normal metal locks, the quality of zinc alloy locks is superior. Zinc alloy has excellent hardness, making it easy to cast into various types of metal locks that won't deform. Moreover, it's easier to identify and rectify quality issues in a timely manner. This function isn't available with tin locks.

Low Production Cost

    • After the zinc alloy die-casting process, any extra raw materials can be recycled.


    • Zinc alloy locks have better plating effects than metal locks, resulting in a smoother and more uniform surface. In contrast to iron sheets, the foaming and pitting during zinc alloy electroplating are relatively minor.

    Great Durability

    • Zinc alloy is less prone to rusting and long-term spotting after oil sealing.